Our Story

Since the early 1940’s the little jewellery store on the corner of the main street of Atherton (now known as Arabella Jewellers) has been the renown local, family owned jeweller and watch repair shop. From 1949 to 1975 Arabella Jewellers was know as “Westcott Jewellers” and then “Saunder’s” from 1975 to 2007.

Prior to 1942 the shop was owned by Ray & Gwen Sampson who opened the shop in the early 40’s during the first world war. American soldiers were here on the Atherton Tablelands and the Sampsons opened the store in order to sell the soldiers jewellery and gifts to send to their families back in America. After the Sampsons owned the jewellery shop they then went on to sell the business to Miss Pink’s who owned it until 1949. It is definitely safe to say that the history of the building where Arabella Jewellers is now located goes back over
nearly 90 years in the jewellery industry.

Arabella Jewellers has now been owned by Debbie and Darryl Day for over a decade, offering a wide range of bespoke fine jewellery including gold, silver and wedding/engagement rings. Arabella also has an in-store qualified jeweller and gemologist who offers a range of services including jewellery repairs and
restorations, watch repairs and custom made pieces. We also have a Master Jeweller who can make beautiful one-off pieces.

Arabella Jewellers is driven by the passion, creativity and dedication of the Day family and aims to bring that little bit of sparkle into your life, no matter what the occasion.

Humble Beginnings

An image of the old Arabella Jewellery store.

Our New and Improved Store

Images of our new store

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